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Primary school STEM activity

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STEM Workshops

Primary School STEM activity

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Our STEM activities are suitable for most age groups (see details on each one) and can be tailored from a single-lesson to a whole-day. We can also split workshops across several weeks if you can’t afford to set aside a whole day.  If there’s something you like the look of give us a call on 01825 761890 and we’ll make a package to suit you.

Multiple bookings made at the same time attract a cumulative discount; again, let us know what you are planning, and we can make a package for you.

Our engineering design-and-make workshops are designed to help you overcome the hurdles we regularly see in schools with limited facilities and resources.  Plus, we appreciate every situation is different and these courses can be tailored to suit your ability, aspirations, and facilities. Call 01825 761890 to discuss how we can help.

Gears and Levers

Gears and levers modelStudents quickly get hands-on, building a range of mechanisms to help them understand forces. Combining paper exercises, hands-on trials, a lot of k’nex, and demonstrations with a bicycle, students will leave this session with a far greater understanding of how mechanical systems help us.
Suitable for: KS1 and KS2. From £45

Future Transport Challenge

Students working on Future Transport Challenge projectUsing a real-life case study, students will explore congestion and air-quality in urban areas. Aided by our interactive dashboard they’ll test the impact of travel choices we make, and then produce their own creative solutions for travel in the years ahead. This complements, and builds upon, the Car of the Future workshop.
Suitable for: KS2 to KS5. From £75

Car of the Future

Car of the future modelA hands-on workshop building and testing gravity, electric, and propeller–driven cars. We also demonstrate, test, and learn about electric circuits, wind turbines, and solar power. Mixed with learning about forces and leading on to energy generation and storage, this helps students understand one of the greatest STEM challenges.
Suitable for: KS1 to KS3. From £45

Systems & Processes

Students working on Systens and Processes projectA practical & engaging workshop showing how industry meets our insatiable demand for everything to be “better-faster-cheaper”. In an interactive game students are allocated roles in a factory and test industry-standard process improvement tools, measuring results against the clock. We’ll also discuss how this skill can be used in your classroom, as well as its value in sectors such as healthcare, retail and leisure.
Suitable for: KS2 to KS5. From £75

Introduction to CAD and 3D Printing

Student working on CAD softwareAn introduction to 3D CAD and 3D printing using professional 3D design software. Maximum 30 students, although 15-20 is optimum. Certificates of Achievement are provided on completion.
Suitable for Year 6 and KS3-5. From £100

Aspiring CAD Designer

CAD drawingStudents receive 6 hours hands-on experience on professional design software. Comprising a series of lessons to model a gearbox, increasing the complexity, and introducing new techniques at each stage. Certificates of Achievement are provided on completion. Extra modules can be added for students who wish to explore this topic in greater depth.
Suitable for: Year 6 and KS3-5. From £240

Race Vehicle Design and Build

Race vehicle buildIn this flexible workshop students get a minimum 20-hours help with the design and build of a gravity racer, a human-powered buggy or trike, or a Greenpower 24V car to race in national championships. We’ll help you purchase parts at competitive prices; provide free consumables; lend specialist tools; and support students, staff, and technicians wherever it adds most value. Additional hours will be needed, and costs will be incurred for materials. Call 01825 761890 for details.
Suitable for: KS3 to KS5. From £1,000

Construction Plans

Construction PlansA set of plans to enable your school or club to build a pedal-, electric-, or downhill-racer. Including parts lists, supplier info, and useful links to design and engineering resources. See our Construction Plans download for details and pricing.

Engineering / STEM support

Phil Edwards talking with studentsSupport for an engineering or STEM workshop or project. Maybe we can help solve a problem; offer advice on your Greenpower car; help you to deliver an activity; or meet the class and judge a competition. Let us know what you need and we’ll cost a package tailored to you.
Suitable for all Key Stages. From £35

Further information including Teacher Notes, Mapping Learning Outcomes to the National Curriculum, and Risk Assessments can be provided for all courses.

All tutors have Enhanced DBS; certificates can be provided on request. Weald Technology has Public Liability Insurance for £1,000,000.

40 miles of travel (or £20 standard-class rail fare) included. We reserve the right to charge for additional travel at £0.45/mile. Other expenses will be charged at cost.

Call 01825 761890 or email education@weald-tech.co.uk for more information or to make a booking.

The fantastic thing was the creativity it unlocked in the children. It motivated them to find credible solutions to real world problems; solving issues that will affect their futures.

Year 5 teacher

The inspirational topic was engaging from the start. It was fantastic to see their ideas becoming more considered and advanced as the workshops moved them on in their thinking.

Year 3 teacher

It was brilliant; they had excellent resources which were the right level for the children to use, and they were really engaged in the sessions.

Year 1 teacher.

I can’t thank you enough for the enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment you gave to our Greenpower project. Your expertise and calm approach to helping the students solve problems was impressive; it ultimately made the difference in helping us reach our first Greenpower heat and successfully competing.

Pete Golton, Department of Chemistry and Physics, BHASVIC

For all enquiries call 07737 665061 or email info@weald-tech.co.uk