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Certified Socail Enterprise and Industry Champion

Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment to our F24 (Greenpower) project this year. Your insight, enthusiasm, and patience have been valued by us all; staff and students. It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from you.

John Higginson, Head of Physics, Roedean School

The day went really well and the children were completely engaged in the challenge. They improved their team work skills, solved problems and gained a real understanding of how science relates to real life and a greater awareness of the challenges facing their generation in the future. One child even invented their own double-sided tape for their project which she was very proud of.

Carole Miller, STEM coordinator, Molehill Primary Academy (Future Transport Challenge)

The KS1 children thoroughly enjoyed the gears workshops and were totally engaged: their teachers said the sessions were excellent.

KS1 teacher, Molehill Primary Academy (Gears and Levers)

Mr Edwards delivered a great workshop to Year 4, explaining how inventors develop their ideas. The class were fascinated by how bio-mimicry had been used in modern technology and were really excited about including this in their own inventions. Thank you!

Mrs R Mansfield, Deputy Head, Langley Park Primary Academy (Inventing Workshop)

Thank you so much for the STEM workshops you planned, sourced, and delivered in Year 6 at Newick. The children were very engaged with the topic and they benefitted enormously from the industry expertise. The fact that you planned the sessions and provided the resources allowed us to observe good practice and gave us inspiration and confidence for our own teaching.

Ms A Uphus, Year 6 teacher, Newick CofE Primary (Car of the Future)

Year 5 had a week’s worth of work in their STEAM Week Challenge. The problem was entertainingly issued, including the steps required for success. The children thrived on the independence given them and felt like real engineers solving a real-life issue. Their innovative ideas showed that the workshop was a highly motivating, learning experience.

Dave Buckler, Year 5, Billingshurst Primary School (Future Transport Challenge)

Phil and the team showed a keen interest in their work and this rubbed off on the children as they were really excited by the concept of building and testing cars. The kits proved a success as the children really enjoyed the whole task and it was great to see all the class keen to build and successfully modify their vehicle. They particularly loved the 3D printer – it really did amaze them! The whole week has inspired my class to find out more about engineering and many children can now see themselves going into engineering in the future.

Emily Pickett, Year 3, Billingshurst Primary School (Car of the Future)

Phil was brilliant with the Year 1 children. He had excellent resources which were the right level for the children to use. Phil explained what the children were doing and what happened as a result. The children were really engaged in the sessions and were enthusiastic during the rest of STEAM week.

Julie Wallace, Year 1, Billingshurst Primary School (Gears and Levers)

A big thank you for an interesting, thought-provoking, morning from all of us in France class!

Daniel Bayford, Year 1, Billingshurst Primary School (Gears and Levers)

The children were inspired by the visiting speaker; they were fascinated by his level of knowledge and that they were experiencing something which they thought was usually only geared at older people! The session was hands-on, and the children were able to relate what they were doing to what they had previously learnt in Science lessons linked to forces. The session was structured in such a way that they could all access the learning. The children were then given tasks they could complete after the session to take their learning further and encourage discussions at home about what they had done! A very valuable experience! Thank you!

Natalie Hunt, Year 3, Billingshurst Primary School (Car of the Future)

It was amazing to watch children in my class, who find learning challenging at times, come alive during the workshop. They were motivated to learn and full of questions. I have had several children express an interest in finding out more about engineering as a result of Phil and his team working with us.

Jo Mujik, Year 4, Billingshurst Primary (Car of the Future)

The fantastic thing about Phil and STEAM week was the creativity it unlocked in the children. It motivated them to find credible solutions to real world problems – trying to solve issues that will affect their futures.

Year 5 teacher, Billingshurst Primary School (Future Transport Challenge)

The children were fully engaged in learning about gears and how to make a see saw. There was enough equipment to go around which really helped every child to get involved. The children were focussed and learnt a lot. There was a real buzz of learning in the room.

Becky Riley, Year 2, Billingshurst Primary School (Gears and Levers)

A fun, engaging, and highly interactive session. We all learnt a lot!

Year 5 teacher, Goldstone Primary School (Car of the Future)

We’ve been thoroughly supported by you for the Greenpower – we literally couldn’t have done it without your advice and technical expertise. The staff and students involved have benefitted enormously and it is thanks to you that we have a viable car entry for Goodwood.

Julia Hoare, Head of STEM, Worthing College

Thank you for all your efforts with us. We are getting very enthusiastic because of you; I think that’s a good thing!!!

Jan Turner, Headteacher, Cornfield School (SEND)

Thomas came back beaming with enthusiasm on both days; a great success! It was pitched at just the right level.

Parent of 13-year-old student who attended our ‘CAD Designer’ School Holiday Workshop, Summer 2017

I had the privilege of being allowed in the classroom on the first day and was really impressed by Phil’s approach; he treated the students as he would have treated adults – no assumptions about what they could or could not do, very friendly, but moving the training along at a fair pace.

Grandparent of 12-year-old student after our ‘CAD Designer’ School Holiday Workshop, Summer 2017

I can’t thank you enough Phil for the enthusiasm, professionalism, and commitment you gave to our first Greenpower project. Your expertise and calm approach to helping students solve problems was really impressive. It made the difference in helping us reach our first Greenpower heat and successfully competing. It was such a good experience that we'd love to keep you on board for next year!

Pete Golton, Department of Chemistry and Physics, BHASVIC

The inspirational topic was engaging for my Year 3 class from the start as they questioned Mr Edwards tirelessly about solutions to the problem of congestion. It was fantastic to see their ideas becoming more considered and advanced as the workshops moved them on in their thinking, challenging their ideas. We feel very lucky to have had your expertise and input in our sessions Phil. They are ready to take on the future!

Mrs A Oldfield, Year 3 teacher, Newick CofE Primary School

On behalf of Cuckmere House, in particular the boys that you worked tirelessly with today, thank you so very much for your support. It was delightful to see our boys fully engaged and behaving so incredible well; this is in part due to your support and enthusiasm. Thank you very much for your initial input at the start of the day, during our assembly time. This was pitched extremely well and set the tone for the day.

Karen Doman, Design & Technology, Cuckmere House School (SEND)

A parent of a girl in Year 6 approached me to say how much her daughter had been inspired by your talk.

Janine Lambourne, Vice Principal, Hartley Primary Academy.

We are loving this project!

Dr Alex Holmes, Davison CE High School for Girls

“I really enjoyed this; it made me realise that ideas one might have can sometimes become a reality”
“Researching which materials would be more sustainable and learning about current ways to travel”
“Researching and finding out about fuels and how they affect the environment”
“Looking at all the problems to do with congestion and working together to find a solution”
“Creating imaginative ideas in my team to change the environment and make the world better”
“The project helps you to think and plan which can help in other subjects”

Feedback on the most enjoyable part of the ‘Future Transport Challenge’ from students in years 8 and 9

My class have enjoyed the CAD workshop greatly and have had fun applying skills to a new subject. One child gave me a lovely thought, ‘I feel like I’m important because I’m using something which really clever people use to make planes’

Richard Harris, Year 6 teacher, Molehill Primary Academy

“Learning about how factories make their processes more efficient with process maps”
“Learning about unnecessary waste in factory production and what the customer is paying for”

Feedback on what students in year 9 enjoyed on the ‘Systems and Process Workshop’

”Learning to use the CAD program, and create the parts”
”The assembly stage, because it was satisfying watching every part work together”
“Being able to construct/design a part very quickly”
“Animating the final assembly of the gearbox”
“Using the CAD software to create the gearbox”
“Learning how to do things in a way that you would never really think of”
“Learning different ways of approaching CAD”

Feedback on the most enjoyable aspect of the ‘Aspiring CAD Designer’ workshop from students in year 12

Thank you so much for your contribution to the very successful event last Friday. It appears that we had over 500 visitors during the evening. I have heard back from some of the schools already and the response to the event and all the exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive.

Dr James Penny, Head of Science and STEM coordinator, Taunton School STEMfest

…the KS2 children loved the talk about the electric bike. Phil engaged them with details of his upcoming world record attempt, and the questions the children had at the end were of a very high level, showing how interested and motivated they were by the visit.

Mr Dutton, Year 6 teacher, Hartley Primary Academy

You have really inspired the students and given them a wonderful perspective into a totally new career path. You made a very important contribution to the day and we are very grateful for your time, enthusiasm and expertise.

Katren Bishop, Event Organiser, Burgess Hill School for Girls “Science and Engineering Day”

It looks like I found the right people straight away, just when I thought things couldn’t get more innovatively exciting (for our EV project). Thank you once again for your generosity with your time.

Richard Kemp, Electric Vehicle developer and Entrepreneur

Phil is a true professional with a unique understanding of business processes. His people skills are excellent and he has the ability to connect at every level. He is sincere and his commitment to making a difference makes him worth working with.

Claude Bonte, business development champion

It soon became clear that we needed more of your expertise in the area of production and project management than we had thought initially.

Bob Kenhard, Managing Director, Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

I am impressed by Phil’s honest, open and positive approach. I look forward to developing a close relationship with Phil and learning from him.

Saravjit Singh, Automotive Lean Manufacturing Expert

Innumerable small frustrations have been resolved and some important fundamental changes have been put in place. The end result is a company that knows where it is going and has an ongoing commitment to the principle of continuous improvement.

Business Performance Improvement Centre, project review

…the pressure to reduce costs and meet the ever-tightening budgets of customers led to their review. They’ve made important gains with limited investment, and have a much more visual process today that’s cut out a lot of administration and paper work.

Article on one of our Lean Manufacturing projects in “The Manufacturer” journal

The result, largely as a consequence of your leadership, is that we have a new product range ready to launch as planned, and most importantly with all the supporting functions in place.

Bob Kenhard, Managing Director, Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

The supplier analysis was managed effectively and within budget.

Bob Kenhard, Managing Director, Scientific Instrument Manufacturer

… a very clean and tidy build; it looks great (TTX-GP rider)
… nice job, it certainly looks the part (TTX-GP rider)
… Wow, that’s beautiful, a really tidy job (Electric bike designer and builder)
… a very professional job; nicely done (Motorcycle race mechanic and builder)
… nice to see one laid out so well, everything neat and accessible (Race mechanic)

Comments from the industry on our 2011 drag-racing electric bike

That’s fantastic engineering.
It’s definitely the way things are going.
Really impressive.

Comments from motorcycle enthusiasts at Haslemere “Ready to Ride” motorcycle show

It’s the best looking bike here.
Not just the fastest but the best presented.

Comments from competitors and spectators at Alternative Energy Racing, Santa Pod, May 2011

You should be really proud; it’s a beautiful bit of engineering

Brighton University lecturer and BBC TV Robot Wars competitor

I was delighted to visit Weald Technology and to see the pioneering work that is being done right here, in the middle of Sussex. Phil is one of the people pushing forward the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and, as we so often see, the work done for racing machines becomes mainstream just a few years later. Phil’s understanding of the technology and his real personal commitment to make change happen, makes him a man to watch as the Green Growth agenda moves forward.

Charles Hendry, former MP for Wealden Constituency and Energy Minister

When Phil came in he was such a nice guy with so many good ideas that I was happy to support him through the project. I’m very glad he has done well and hope he goes on to do even better

Steve Labib, owner Jozztek and designer/builder of numerous electric motorcycles and cars

I am delighted Phil has set a new UK record with his electric motorcycle. This shows the great potential of electric vehicles, not just in reducing carbon emissions but in terms of performance as well.

Charles Hendry, MP for Wealden Constituency and Energy Minister

I am delighted that all the hard work put in by Phil has paid off. It was a great feeling to break the record and I am looking forward to working with him on new projects.

Rob Moon, Weald development rider, and TTxGP and BEMSEE Powerbike racer, and 2012 NBC >600cc European Endurance Racing champion

The bike’s fantastic, absolutely fascinating, and I wish you well.

Phil Read MBE, 8x World Motorcycle Champion and 8x TT Winner

Weald are pushing forward the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and, as we so often see, the work done for racing machines becomes mainstream just a few years later. They understand the technology and the commitment to make change happen makes them a team to watch as the green growth agenda moves forward.

Charles Hendry, former MP and Minister for State at DECC