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Designers of record-breaking electric motorcycles and winners of multiple awards for low-carbon innovations

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Phil Edwards presenting at a school

Certified Socail Enterprise and Industry Champion

Phil Edwards is a lifelong engineer and passionate about inspiring youngsters to consider STEM careers. He has worked in high-tech engineering companies for over 30 years and uses his many interactions with schools to show how studying STEM, in his case as an apprentice design engineer, provides a foundation to transition across a wide variety of industries.

He left school at 16 to start a Drawing Office apprenticeship and has since worked in design and development, production engineering, lean manufacturing and Operations Director, before setting up a manufacturing consultancy in 2005.

An internet browse, late in 2009, led him to design the UK’s quickest electric motorbike; that machine was on display at The National Motor Museum (Beaulieu) during 2014 alongside other record-breaking machines… an accolade he never imagined possible back in his schooldays. Phil is the driving force behind Fast Charge®; a project to build the world’s quickest electric motorbike and now splits his time between sustainable transport projects and STEM events.

A regular speaker in schools, at all key stages, Phil delivers talks on engineering; how technology is shaping the way we travel; the challenge behind the Fast Charge® world record project; and Inventing and Innovation, but each talk can be tailored to your audience and event. Simply advise Phil what you are looking for and he’ll liaise with you to deliver a memorable, and inspiring, event.

You can book an hour (for a class or assembly) through to a whole day with multiple sessions for different groups/topics. Evenings can also be booked, and prices start from £60. Full details are in the Speaker Biography; download a copy HERE or call 01825 761890 or email phil@weald-tech.co.uk to check dates and discuss your requirements.

The students are still talking about the day. You have really inspired them and given a wonderful perspective into a totally new career path. We are very grateful for your time, enthusiasm and expertise.

Burgess Hill School for Girls “Science and Engineering Day”.

…a parent of a girl in Year 6 approached me to say how much her daughter had been inspired by your talk

Vice Principal, Hartley Primary Academy.

Thank you very much for your input at the start of the day; it was pitched extremely well and set the tone for the day.

Year 7, Cuckmere House School (SEND)

Excellent presentation. Very nice style. All pupils were very engaged and learnt a lot

Year 8, Newlands Girls School

The children were inspired by the visiting speaker; they were fascinated by his level of knowledge and that they were experiencing something which they thought was usually only geared at older people! A very valuable experience!

Year 3, Billingshurst Primary School

The electric motorbike’s fantastic, absolutely fascinating, and I wish you well with your world-record challenge

Phil Read MBE, 8x World Motorcycle Champion and 8x TT Winner