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Designers of record-breaking electric motorcycles and winners of multiple awards for low-carbon innovations

Our Philosophy

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Our work is bound by the principle ‘Simply Creative’

Simply (sim-plee) adverb: Clear, uncomplicated, easy to understand, absolute, complete.
How do we apply this? We use tools from lean manufacturing and process improvement to produce simple answers to complex problems. Ones that are easily understood, leave little room for compromise or error, and ensure long and reliable service.

Creative (kree-ey-tiv) adjective: Imaginative, not naturally evolving, ingenious, work of art by one’s own thought. How do we apply this? We approach problems with a natural creativity. It is difficult to convey what this looks like, but it’s found in people who display a natural curiosity for how things work and who often ask “why is it like that?”

That’s us… Simply Creative. Clever but uncomplicated: solutions that leave you saying “that’s neat”.

Weald are pushing forward the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and, as we so often see, the work done for racing machines becomes mainstream just a few years later. They understand the technology and the commitment to make change happen makes them a team to watch as the green growth agenda moves forward.

Charles Hendry, former MP and Minister for State at DECC