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Certified Socail Enterprise and Industry Champion

We’re a Social Enterprise, which means we have a written set of rules that dictate how we operate. This is how it works…

A Social Enterprise must earn income to fund its Social Purpose (i.e. the support it provides to its ‘target’ audience). The recipients of our support are a strictly controlled demographic, based on measures of deprivation. The schools that meet these criteria are the ONLY ones where we will run our workshops free-of-charge.

But, we can only afford to do that if we generate a profit from other activities.

Therefore, every school that asks if we can run our workshops free is [a] not placing any value on our time or expertise and [b] reducing our ability to meet our Social Purpose. Constitutionally, we are not allowed to do that, so please do not ask. We may be able to offer a discount (if you make a good case for it) but don’t be surprised if we can't help.

We will always try to support SEND children so please call Phil on 07737 665061 for a chat if we can help.

We are, however, STEM Ambassadors too, and set aside a percentage of our time to support schools voluntarily, usually by helping at careers fairs, mock interviews, or supporting your own STEM days or STEM/engineering clubs. Do ask if you'd like us to support these events; we'll always try to fit those in. What we won’t do is run one of our workshops free-of-charge… there is so much time and expertise invested in these that we simply cannot give them away. If we do, it adversely impacts the schools that we are constitutionally bound to support.