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Designers of record-breaking electric motorcycles and winners of multiple awards for low-carbon innovations

3D Design & Printing

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Hands-on workshops using professional Design software and 3D printers. With digital skills in high demand, these enjoyable courses are great for designers, craft makers, modellers, hobbyists, and inventors. No prior knowledge is required.

Bookings are handled by Curiosity Hub (see http://thecuriosityhub.com/workshops-attend.html) and usually held at BHASVIC in Brighton for ages 10-13. Your tutors will be designers from Weald Technology Ltd, the award-winning team behind the Fast Charge® electric motorbike. Do get in touch if you’d like more information or to check when the next courses are running.

We can also offer one-to-one tuition for adults at our home-office in Uckfield. You can choose to focus on CAD, 3D Printing, or a combination of both. We suggest a 2-hour session to give you time to get comfortable with it. Many people find that’s enough to continue by themselves, but we can provide advanced courses; a 3D print service; or advice on buying your own printer (because you’ll be hooked once you’ve tried it!). Email info@weald-tech.co.uk for cost and availability.

Previous students tell us they enjoyed…

…being able to construct and design a part very quickly”

…animating the gearbox assembly and seeing it work”

…learning to do things in a way that you wouldn’t think of”

“Thomas came back beaming with enthusiasm on both days; a great success! It was pitched at just the right level.”

“I had the privilege of being allowed in the classroom on the first day and was really impressed by Phil’s approach; he treated the students as he would have treated adults – no assumptions about what they could or could not do, very friendly, but moving the training along at a fair pace.”

Guardians of 12-year-old and 13-year-old students after our School Holiday Workshop, Summer 2017