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Weald Technology is a Social Enterprise that runs engineering clubs and workshops for schools and youth groups. We are available to run workshops most days, but the office is currently only manned between 9:00am and 10:30am, Tuesday to Friday.

See below for the workshops we offer and have a look at the testimonial page to see the impact.

Inventing Workshop

Design challengeStudents have great fun learning how to come up with ideas and invent things. Looking at INNOVATION and CREATIVITY, students use fun exercises to stretch their minds and see how many ways they can solve a design challenge.
Suitable for KS1 and KS2. From £50

Aspiring CAD Designer

CAD drawingStudents receive 6 hours hands-on experience on professional design software. Comprising a series of lessons to model a gearbox, increasing the complexity, and introducing new techniques at each stage. Certificates of Achievement are provided on completion. Extra modules can be added for students who wish to explore this topic in greater depth.
Suitable for: KS3 to KS5. From £275

Race Vehicle Design and Build

Race vehicle buildIn this flexible workshop students get a minimum 20-hours help with the design and build of a gravity racer, a human-powered buggy or trike, or a Greenpower 24V car to race in national championships. We’ll help you purchase parts at competitive prices; provide free consumables; lend specialist tools; and support students, staff, and technicians wherever it adds most value. Additional hours will be needed, and costs will be incurred for materials. Call 01825 761890 for details.
Suitable for: KS3 to KS5. From £1,000

Engineering / STEM support

Phil Edwards talking with studentsSupport for an engineering or STEM workshop or project. Maybe we can help solve a problem; offer advice on your Greenpower car; help you to deliver an activity; or meet the class and judge a competition. Let us know what you need and we’ll cost a package tailored to you.
Suitable for all Key Stages. From £35

For all enquiries call 07737 665061 or email info@weald-tech.co.uk