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Record breaking electric trag bike

Designers of record-breaking electric motorcycles and winners of multiple awards for low-carbon innovations

Electric motorcycle

Award-winning innovators dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists.

We split our time between delivering commercial R&D projects, focused on sustainable transport, and STEM education.

With numerous AWARDS for engineering and innovation, and a collaborative nature, we’re a good fit for any company, large or small, looking for innovative sustainable transport ideas. To encourage the next generation, every project leads to school talks, challenges and workshops that highlight what engineers do.

If you’d like creative solutions for a sustainable transport problem, or would like to book a STEM event, CALL 01825 761890 TODAY.

For more information see the ABOUT US and PHILOSOPHY pages, or read the TESTIMONIALS, and for examples of how we work with schools and colleges see the EDUCATION page. To see how you can get involved see the STEM.

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Weald are pushing forward the boundaries of electric vehicle technology and, as we so often see, the work done for racing machines becomes mainstream just a few years later. They understand the technology and the commitment to make change happen makes them a team to watch as the green growth agenda moves forward.

Charles Hendry, former MP and Minister for State at DECC

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