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Record breaking electric trag bike

Designers of record-breaking electric motorcycles and winners of multiple awards for low-carbon innovations

Electric motorcycleCertified Socail Enterprise and Industry Champion

Award-winning innovators dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers and scientists.

Weald Technology is a Social Enterprise that runs engineering clubs for schools and youth groups. Our main activities are running projects to design-&-build trikes and buggies which can be pedal-powered, electric-powered (e.g. Greenpower) or downhill racers (a.k.a soapbox).

If you’re interested in a project we can supply a set of plans; provide 3D CAD training to help you design parts, supply specialist components, and make parts to your design, including 3D Printing.

Our designs use readily available (and low cost) bicycle technology and can (mostly) be made with basic tools and facilities – because we know that’s all that many schools have.

Finally, we offer hands-on support for students and staff either ad-hoc or on a regular basis.

Basically, whatever you need help with, we are the engineers to support you… and, as a Social Enterprise dedicated to supporting STEM, we do it all at a lower cost than most commercial manufacturers, too.


For all enquiries call 07737 665061 or email info@weald-tech.co.uk